Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Coffee Table Book “Profiles of Excellence: Unveiling the Success Stories of Asia’s Trailblazers


Coffee Table Book “Profiles of Excellence: Unveiling the Success Stories of Asia’s Trailblazers

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Discover the inspiring narratives of Asia’s emerging leaders and high-profile entrepreneurs in the upcoming coffee table book, “Profiles of Excellence,” set to be launched on February 10, 2024 at the National Bookstore, SM Megamall.

Authored and conceptualized by the accomplished serial entrepreneur, Grace Bondad Nicolas, this book is a culmination of her interviews from Rising Tigers Magazine and Asia Leaders Awards notable leaders, aiming to motivate readers with valuable insights from icons across diverse industries.

These leaders are dedicated to working tirelessly not only for their respective organizations but also for nation-building. Recognizing the importance of legacy, “Profiles of Excellence” ensures that the stories of these influential leaders are shared, celebrated, and preserved for a wider audience, providing inspiration to a new generation.

And despite their remarkable success, these leaders hailing from diverse backgrounds, as Grace Bondad Nicolas discovered, share commonalities with the rest of us. They hustle, face challenges, doubt themselves, and experience failures, but what sets them apart is their unwavering determination to triumph. Whether billionaires or not, their success is rooted not just in mindset but also in measurable achievements.

Profiles of Excellence offers a rare glimpse into the mindset, habits, and methods that have helped these individuals find success in their professional or personal lives. Through the insightful interviews and the unique perspective of the author, the book captures the essence of these success stories, making it the second coffee table book under Grace Bondad Nicolas’s visionary portfolio.