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Rising Tigers Magazine goes to Asia’s Tiger Country Taiwan.

Rising Tigers Magazine goes to Asia’s Tiger Country Taiwan.

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Taiwan, recognized as one of the Four Asian Tigers, has consistently achieved remarkable economic growth since the 1960s, propelling it into the echelons of the world’s wealthiest nations. A trailblazer in electronics and computer manufacturing, Taiwan’s economic success has become a blueprint for emerging economies, particularly the Tiger Cub Economies in Southeast Asia.



Philippine Airlines and the Gateway to Luxury Travel:

In a testament to Taiwan’s allure, top executives from Rising Tigers, Troy Nicolas, Grace Bondad Nicolas, Andria Terese Nicolas, and Alexa Tracy Nicolas, recently embarked on a journey sponsored by Philippine Airlines (PAL). Known for its exemplary service, PAL offers an unparalleled flying experience with its Mabuhay Lounge, an exclusive haven for business class passengers and elite Mabuhay Miles members. The recently unveiled Super Mabuhay Lounge at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1, designed by Atelier Almario, further exemplifies PAL’s commitment to luxurious travel.

Top Execs of Rising Tigers Magazine flew to Taiwan via Philippine Airlines

The Finest way to fly is with Philippine Airlines

As the flag carrier of the Philippines and Asia’s first commercial airline, PAL operates a diverse fleet of Boeing, Airbus, and De Havilland aircraft from hubs in Manila, Cebu, Clark, and Davao. Serving 32 destinations in the Philippines and 39 international destinations, PAL contributes not only to the global aviation landscape but also plays a vital role in supporting the Philippine economy and promoting tourism.

Capt. Stanley Ng, Philippine Airlines

Shangri-La Taipei: Where Luxury Meets Tradition:

Standing tall as the tallest hotel in Taipei, the Shangri-La Far Eastern Hotel seamlessly blends Eastern and Western influences. Located in Taipei’s bustling business district, the hotel underwent a NT$1.5 billion renovation in 2015, elevating its 420 guestrooms, suites, Horizon Club Lounge, lobby, driveway, Lobby Court, and The Cake Room to new heights of sophistication. The incorporation of custom artwork by renowned Taiwanese artist Shen Cheen adds an extra layer of cultural richness.


Taipei 101: The Pride of Taiwan, a Symbol of Taiwanese Ingenuity and Prosperity:

Taipei 101, the pride of Taiwan, is a testament to the nation’s engineering prowess. A colossal project supported by domestic businesses and designed by world-class architect C.Y. Lee, Taipei 101’s unique design, inspired by the Chinese number 8, symbolizes good fortune in Chinese culture. Beyond its architectural marvel, Taipei 101 Mall stands as Taiwan’s premier international shopping destination, rivaling iconic districts like New York’s Fifth Avenue and Paris’ Champs-Elysees.

Rising Tigers CMO, Andria Terese Nicolas

From the economic prowess reflected in the success of Taiwan’s technology sector to the luxury offered by top-notch airlines and hotels, Taiwan continues to captivate the world with its unique blend of tradition, innovation, and prosperity. As a shining example of Asian success, Taiwan stands tall, beckoning travelers and investors alike to explore its wonders and partake in the nation’s ongoing journey of growth and excellence.